Monday, August 17, 2009

PANTY RAID!!! YoLo Skins is Open on Floyd!

ok, that was not exactly how i planned on introducing my stuff, but what the heck. life happens. and as a result i have put some skins in some clams and scattered them around Floyd.

four years ago that sentence would have made NO SENSE AT ALL.

but in the glorious and magical now, it means there's FREE STUFF all over the Starlust sims. FREE and EXCELLENT and cool. undies and all sorts of other goodies (since some of us are not quite up on our undie knitting).

so hello. i'm from YoLo.

YoLo Skins. I'll edit this and ad a slurl later today. In the meantime I've got some photos on Flickr at: and a lovely spot in the watering can on the hill overlooking the tossed salad fabulosity that is floyd and the rest of starlust.

my line is... uh... MINIMAL at the moment, but more is coming over the next several weeks and i'm keeping the prices low low low until i have a bit more to show.

so that's it for now. hope you check us out, get a free skin and have a great time.

Cheers for now,
Anik Pavlova
YoLo Skins