Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Teeth. Hm. Yeah. Teeth.

hey all,

hope everybody had a good 4th. Mine was great, followed by a July 5th nightmare, but I don't think it will inspire a skin unless anybody can think of a way to incorporate the Dept. of Motor Vehicles and completely idiotic County officials into a skin. I dunno. Maybe a tatt...

So this is just a little teaser, but I took a whack at teeth and cleavage this weekend. I've attached a couple photos - I haven't worked these into a line, but I'm thinking about adding the cleavage as an option. If you have any opinions on that, I'm interested.

Teeth are odd. Mine all came out a little buck-toothed, but I still think they're ok. Decided to try dimples, too. What the heck.

I'll let you know when any or all of these features are released. As always, thanks for checking out the blog.


Sunday, July 4, 2010

Let's Blow Stuff UP!

it's the 4th of July here in the US and that means only one thing - TIME TO BLOW STUFF UP! independence, in my neighborhood, takes a backseat to noisy barbecues and night skys blossoming with fire and color and the kind of racket that results in dogs being sent to the far reaches of heavily policed suburbs for a rest cure and some tranquilizers.

However you celebrate, have a great 4th of July!

So that has NOTHING to do with skins, so here are some photos of Amara, the new release. Drop by and pick up the Demos! Fat Packs on sale now!