Wednesday, June 23, 2010

So. Finally. Amara.

After endless empty threats, I've finally got a line of skins nearly ready to go. They are on the new Bodywear sim (formerly Harlow). After consultation with some designers who actually know what they're doing, I'm naming the line Amara. Everlasting.

It's taken me a long time, but I love making skins and I hope you will enjoy them, too. I don't use templates or skin kits. What works and what doesn't is all my fault ;-) Although I'm not an artist, I knew that to be happy with what I was making, it had to come from me.

I use a photo as the base. At this point I don't think the original would be recognizable in the finished skin. It's been worked over pretty good.

Each comes with three brow options, light, brown and dark. There is a DEMO for every skin and the Bodywear Sim has some really great shops.

Drop by and check out the DEMOS and please feel free to share any comments or critiques.
Thanks for visiting YoLo Skins.


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