Monday, June 28, 2010

Why SL is still worth it...

Everybody has their own answers, I know. Mostly I'm quite reclusive. Hiding out, not talking, wandering but maintaining a great distance from pretty much everybody else.

Still, when you have a problem, usually within a minute or two, somebody is willing to bail your ass out of even the most ridiculous situations (remember that box embedded in your head when you were a noob?)

So here's my latest experience with the loveliness of so many folks in SL:

[21:49] Anik Pavlova: hello all. is anybody aware of issues relating to missing textures on avatars - i'm solid black at the moment. i seem to remember having this happen last year, but clearing the caches has not helped. suggestions very welcome!
[21:49] Anik Pavlova: my eyeballs are floating under my hair. i hate that.
[21:50] Dorion Zenfold: i had similar problem couple of days back when my avi went completely white.
[21:50] Anik Pavlova: oh well, at least i have something to blog about now... attractive photo to go with it, too.
[21:50] Dorion Zenfold: re-wear your skin and shape
[21:51] Anik Pavlova: tried that earlier... oh wait. not the shape. ok. good idea.
[21:52] Dorion Zenfold: :)
[21:52] Dorion Zenfold: and change your clothes
[21:53] Anik Pavlova: ok. you're a freaking genius. the shape thing worked. didn't even have to change clothes!
[21:53] Dorion Zenfold: hahaha
[21:53] Anik Pavlova: thanks! give yourself a gold star and a nice chocolate ice cream cone :-)

I gushed with gratitude for several more minutes and then signed off from the Happy Hippsters group with my little problem solved, eyeballs properly veiled by a face. I'm so sensitive about that.

But stuff like that happens all the time. Something weird happens, you send out a desperate wail to the universe and somebody bothers to help. I like it.

So there it is. I have limped through another blog post. Don't tell me it wasn't fun, I see you over there with your eyes rolled back in your head smoking a cigarette.



  1. This has been happening to one of my friends too. I thought this was fixed? Now it's back again!:-((. Hope you get it straightened out.

  2. Hi Scarlett,

    wow - you're my first comment. Thanks! Just so you know, the shape thing worked for me. I know there are a variety of causes and solutions for this little (haha!) problem. Hope your friend got it ironed out, too.

    Cheers and thanks for reading,

  3. I had a similar problem about a month ago!